Apply state of the art ML model that fits your data

AI4ML is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) (Machine Learning ML) engine that can analyse, interpret and learn from your data to provide accurate insights and provide predictive analytics. Example: Our AI4ML models can learn from data on airbnb users and provide predictive accurate analysis on the travel behaviour or travel decision choices that a user will make. The more data fed to the model, the more it learns and the more accurate it gets. AI4ML is designed and implemented by Artificial Intelligence Software Engineers (specialists in Machine Learning) and individuals who are currently undertaking PHD level research in AI. Our vision and focus is on AI, its future use and its application in solving a variety of business problems specifically in understanding, interpreting, analysing data and building intelligent, predictive models also trained with the relevant data.

Here's what AI4ML can do with your data:

  1. Visualize your CSV/Excel files into beautiful charts: Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Line chart, etc
  2. Apply General Machine Learning techniques to understand the data and predict target column
  3. Export trained model and provide usage instructions
Our AI modules accurately predict as close to a 100% particularly when external factors data is also used to train the module for example in predicting housing prices we will introduce demographic, occupation, average income, local economy growth and all similar external data.

Everything runs in the

Shared AI4ML instances with limited access are open for everyone to try. Dedicated CPU/GPU instances of AIML running on Google Cloud Machine Learning platform and available to be paid for

Different Visualization and Machine Learning techniques

We use Machine Learning to interpret and analyse data and come up with algorithms which will be the best fit for analytics and for training the ML module

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AI4ML Leadership

from AILabs LLC and Temsconsu Pty Ltd

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Co-Founder and CTO

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Co-Founder and CEO

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Phd, Research Consultant

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Lead Research Engineer

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Lead Designer

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Lead Data Scientist

Business Intelligence

Apply Business Intelligence concepts to your organization's historical data held in whatever form Excel or CSV files, database tables etc.

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Data explorer

Finding trends, patterns and important data insights plays a big role in BI and can save your organization millions of dollars. Present and visualise your data trends, peaks and troughs in the form of Bar Charts, Pie ChartS, Geo Charts and Line Charts.

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Machine Learning Engine

AI4ML uses best of Machine Learning to build predictive models: AutoML, LSTM Neural Networks, Convolutional Neural Networks, SVM, RandomForest, etc.

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At AI4ML we are able to provide you with customized or off the shelf ArtIficial Intelligence Machine Learning (AI-ML) data predictive models or build customized ones for your business requirements to analyze and process specific data or across concepts to include Internet of Things, Driverless Cars, Voice Recognition and Deep Learning. We first undertake a rigorous requirement analysis and build the right model for your business. Contact us for more

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We are crazy about data, patterns, trends and specifically using Artificial Intelligence/Machine learning. If you are the same, have the relevant skills, experience or studying for a research degree in AI, please send an email to telling us in three paragraphs about yourself.